ChemOffice is a scientifically intelligent, integrated suite of personal productivity tools that helps scientists to efficiently keep track of their work, gain a deeper understanding of their data and produce scientific reports professionally and efficiently.

ChemOffice includes the following applications:

  • ChemDraw is used by hundreds of thousands of scientists around the world to quickly and effectively to draw molecules and reactions for use in documents and electronic lab notebooks, to search databases, and to generate accurate names from structures and to predict properties and spectra.
  • ChemDraw for Excel adds chemical intelligence to Excel spreadsheets so that chemists can use Excel’s analysis, sorting and organization tools to further manipulate and enrich sets of compounds and data and explore structure-activity relationships
  • Chem3D generates 3D models so that chemists can view their compounds in three dimensions to assess shape and properties to maximize activity or specificity
  • ChemFinder is a chemically-intelligent personal database system that scientists use to organize their compounds and to search for and correlate structures with properties.
ChemOffice fig1

Figure 1: Draw molecules and reactions, correlate structures with properties and view compounds in 3D.

ChemOffice includes optional personal versions of the E-Notebook ELN and Inventory applications for recording experiments and their outcomes and tracking samples and their locations in an integrated suite of scientifically intelligent applications.

ChemOffice enhances scientists’ personal productivity and helps them do better science by enabling them to organize and explore their compounds, reactions and associated properties so that data can be turned into actionable information, and decisions can be made with greater confidence.

ChemBioOffice Ultra 13.0 Suite

ChemBioOffice® Ultra 13.0 – the ultimate suite for chemists and biologists for increased personal productivity and enhanced decision-making.

ChemOffice Pro 13.0 Suite

ChemOffice® Pro 13.0 is a full featured personal productivity solution for biologists and chemists who don’t require the electronic laboratory notebook and inventory capabilities provided with ChemBioOffice® Ultra.

ChemOffice Std 13.0 Suite

ChemOffice® Standard 13.0 a cost-effective, desktop productivity solution that helps scientists keep track of their work, gain a deeper understanding of their data, and produce scientific reports professionally and efficiently.

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