GrafiCalc Elements 7.0

World’s first graphical spreadsheet – plus the perfect companion for Excel and CAD

GrafiCalc® Elements is game changing software that combines the disciplines of parametric sketching and automated graphical calculations in a single application. Graficalc Elements enables users to solve a wider range of design challenges with unprecedented ease, speed, and accuracy while making informed decisions.

GrafiCalc works standalone as well in conjunction with Microsoft Office and all popular CAD applications on any computer running Windows Vista, XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8.

Sketch and solve: GrafiCalc Elements does what mathematical software, numerical spreadsheets, and hand-held calculators simply cannot do – it allows users to associate geometry and calculations in the same worksheet so that change in one updates the other automatically.

In the example below, the user is solving a valve design challenge. The geometry of the valve and the area calculation are associated in the same worksheet. As the valve opens the aperture area calculation is updated automatically.



Must have companion for Excel Today millions of Microsoft Office users are performing sophisticated product design calculations with Microsoft Excel. Excel is a powerful standard spreadsheet tool. But it is not possible to enter geometry directly in Excel, which obliges Excel users to apply tedious mathematical calculations and equations-solving to solve geometry-dependent product design challenges. This is where GrafiCalc® Elements comes into play.

You can link GrafiCalc Elements and Microsoft Excel to dynamically exchange information in both directions using the Windows standard DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) protocol. This enables you to create graphical calculation macros in GrafiCalc Elements to feed Excel calculations. Conversely, you can use Excel calculations to drive GrafiCalc Elements solution models.

In the example below, the user has linked GrafiCalc Elements and Excel to calculate the frequency of vibration of a bracket. The geometry in GrafiCalc Elements is driven by values in Excel. Geometry dependant calculations are performed in GrafiCalc Elements and are linked to cells in Excel.


Leverage CAD You can exchange geometry between GrafiCalc Elements and any DXF compliant CAD application using the 2-way DXF translator built within GrafiCalc Elements.

In the example below, the initial geometry of the disc brake was imported into GrafiCalc Elements in the DXF file format. Then calculations were setup in GrafiCalc Elements to develop the disc brake geometry to account for the variables. The final geometry was saved in GrafiCalc Elements in DXF format and used in CAD to build the optimal 3D model in CAD.


Generate design reports You can print an engineering drawing directly from GrafiCalc Elements. You can also copy and paste information from GrafiCalc Elements into Word and Outlook documents as shown below for design report generation and archiving the intellectual property.


Following is partial list of GrafiCalc Elements proven applications:

  • Beam design calculations
  • Bearing design calculations
  • Belt and Conveyor design calculations
  • Boat and Ship Structure calculations
  • Calculation Library Development
  • Center of pressure calculations
  • Centroid calculations
  • Composites calculations
  • Excel companion
  • Force free body diagrams
  • Forging calculations
  • Heat Transfer calculations
  • Hydraulics calculations
  • Floor plan layout calculations
  • Leveraging Excel
  • Lighting design calculations
  • Load Distribution calculations
  • Magnet calculations
  • Masonry Bridge Stress calculations
  • Material calculations
  • Optics layout
  • Packaging design calculations
  • Paper transport design calculations
  • Pressure vessel design calculations
  • Pump design calculations
  • Section properties calculations
  • Shaft design calculations
  • Strength of Materials calculations
  • Stress, Strain, Deflection calculations
  • Structural Engineering calculations
  • Valve design calculations
  • Volume calculations
  • Welding calculations
  • Wiring calculations

If you can sketch it – GrafiCalc can solve it!

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