Operating System : Subroutine Descriptions

Group OS : Operating System Interface

IOsArgument Get a command line argument
IOsAssociation Get filetype/program association (Win32)
IOsCommand Issue an operating system command
IOsCopyFile Copy a file
IOsDate Get system date
IOsDeleteFile Delete file(s)
IOsDeleteTree Delete directory tree
IOsDirChange Change current directory
IOsDirCount Count matching files in a directory
IOsDirDelete Delete a directory
IOsDirEntryType Specify type of directory entries to be returned
IOsDirExists Test for directory existence
IOsDirInfo Get directory file name/date/time/size info
IOsDirMake Make a directory
IOsDirName Get name of current directory
IOsExecute Terminate current program & execute a new one
IOsExitProgram Abort program with an error message & error code
IOsFileAttributes Set a file’s attributes (read only etc.)
IOsFileDate Convert file date/time value to year/month/day
IOsFileInfo Get size/date/attribute info for a named file
IOsFileTime Convert file date/time value to hours/minutess/secs
IOsFullPathname Expand a local filename into a full pathname
IOsRegistryDelete Delete a key from the registry
IOsRegistryGet Get a value from the registry, including size/type
IOsRegistryPut Set a value in the registry
IOsRenameFile Rename a file
IOsTime Get system time
IOsUserName Get current user name
IOsVariable Get value of an operating system variable
IOsVariablePut Set value of an operating system variable
IOsWait Halt program execution for specified length of time

Group BF : Binary File Handling

IFileClose Close a binary file
IFileOpen Open a file for binary i/o
IFileRead Read from a binary file into a non-char buffer
IFileReadChar Read from a binary file into a character buffer
IFileSeek Set/get binary file pointer
IFileWrite Write to a binary file from a non-char buffer
IFileWriteChar Write to a binary file from a character buffer

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