Obsolete Routines : Subroutine Descriptions

Group OB : Obsolete Routines

IActualLength Return true length of string
IGrCharConvert Convert character set definition file to binary format
IGrCharDirection Select graphics text direction
IGrCharFont Select hardware-specific font
IGrCharJustify Select graphics text justification
IGrCharLength Return relative string length allowing for prop spacing
IGrCharOut Output character string at an absolute (x,y) pos
IGrCharOutRel Output character string at current plotting pos
IGrCharRotate Select graphics text rotation angle
IGrCharSet Select graphics character set to use for text output
IGrCharSize Select graphics text size
IGrCharSlant Select graphics text slant
IGrCharSpace Specify relative space occupied by a proportional char
IGrCharSpacing Select fixed or proportional spacing
IGrCharUnderline Enable/disable text underlining
IGrCurve Draw smooth curve through set of absolute co-ordinates
IGrGetPixelRGB Get a screen pixel value as an (r,g,b) triplet
IGrPaletteHLS Redefine colour palette using HLS colour scheme
IGrPaletteRGB Redefine colour palette using RGB colour scheme
IGrPause INTERACTER compatible end of page function
IGrReplayToN Replay a multi-page graphics file to a specific page
InfoDeviceName Return printer/plotter descriptions
InfoGraphics Return graphics information (REAL values)
InfoOpSystem Return operating system related information
InfoPalette Return graphics colour palette information
InfoPgInteger Return presentation graphics info (integer)
InfoPgReal Return presentation graphics info (real)
InfoPgStyle Return presentation graphics info (styles)
InfoVersion Return library version number information
IOsCommandSilent Execute a silent operating system command
IOsDirList Return directory list
IPgAxesXY Draw axes
IPgConFill2Irreg Fill based contour plot, irregular grid
IPgConFill2Reg Fill based contour plot, regular grid
IPgContour2Irreg Line based contour plot, irregular grid
IPgContour2Reg Line based contour plot, regular grid
IPgNewGraph Start a new graph
IRandomNumber Return a random number
WCursorXYG Set mouse cursor pos in current window
WglPaletteRGB Change the OpenGL palette on a 256 colour display
WHardcopyDevices Non-Print Manager printer/plotter selection dialog
WindowClearArea Clear area to background colour
WindowFont Set all text attributes
WindowFontBold Turn bold text on/off
WindowFontColour Set foreground and background text colour
WindowFontItalic Turn italic text on/off
WindowFontRGB Set RGB value for given font index
WindowFontSize Set font width and height
WindowFontStyle Set current output font
WindowFontUnderline Turn text underline on/off
WindowJustifyNum Set numeric justification
WindowOutCentre Centre a string within output window at Y position
WindowOutDouble Output a double precision value at XY co-ordinate
WindowOutInteger Output an integer value at XY co-ordinate
WindowOutReal Output a real value at XY co-ordinate
WindowOutString Output a string at XY co-ordinate
WindowStringLength Return the unit length of a string
WindowTagChar Turn on/off embedded tag characters
WInfoFont Return information about current font
WInfoFontName Return the name of the current font
WInfoGraphics Return graphics information (INTEGER values)
WMenuRoot Select the root window menu

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