Delphin Applications: Vibration Measurement

MenDelphin distinguishes between three types of application in vibration measurement technology: measuring absolute bearing vibrations, measuring relative shaft vibrations and measuring machinery vibrations. Delphin can provide a specific module (AMDT) for all types of applications for use in Delphin’s Message devices.


Typical applications are:

  • Shaft vibration analysis and control in gas turbines, hydro power turbines, (turbo) compressors and power transmissions
  • Monitoring bearing vibration in electric motors and roller plant
  • Roller bearing diagnosis in printing machines (envelope spectrum)
  • Monitoring shaft vibrations in steam turbines
  • Monitoring/analysis of machine vibrations in roller plant.

Using TopMessage hardware and the Vibrolab and ProfiSignal software provides the benefits of quality assurance, diagnosis/cause analysis functions, machine monitoring, and test bench and trial applications.

Delphin offers complete solutions in vibration measurement technology:

  • Supplying Message devices for the synchronous and parallel acquisition of vibration signals
  • DSP supported signal processing, determining parameters (PeakPeak, Gap or analysis) FFT calculation, directly within Message devices
  • Monitoring set values and alarm (SMS, email), reporting to control system
  • Online and offline analysis via network and PCs using VibroLab software
  • Evaluation using orbital, FFT, cascade, waterfall, polar, bode and xy charts and diagrams
  • Envelope analysis
  • Advice on choice of sensor (displacement, speed, acceleration) and appropriate signal conditioning (charge amplifier, ICP, converter).

Message device with vibration and process inputs

Message devices are recommended for use in TCP/IP network environments or for remote monitoring via a modem link. The devices can be allocated an IP address and linked into a network. Measurement data can then be analysed at any PC within the network. By combining various I/O modules, vibration and process values can be acquired within one system.

Application “Shaft vibration”

Measurement, recording and monitoring of the static and dynamic movement of a journal bearinged, rotating shaft (fixed bearing housing). Turbines, compressors, super-chargers, large ventilators etc.

  • Evaluation of peak to peak spp and maximum deflection smax according to VDI2059.
  • Sensor wire-breakage monitoring.
  • Monitoring of static shaft position.
  • Monitoring of dynamic shaft vibration.
  • FFT analysis within device/frequency band monitoring.
  • Speed measurement and triggering via impulse from rotating shaft.
  • Process measurement values and vibration measurement values in one device.
  • Intelligent recording within device.
  • VibroLab for visualisation and analysis using time domain signal, trend, FFT spectrum, FFT cascade, orbit and polar diagrams.

Application “Bearing vibration”

Measurement, recording and monitoring of absolute bearing vibration on machines with roller bearinged, rotating components. Electric motors, pumps etc.

  • Evaluation of vibration strength veff according to DIN ISO 10816.
  • FFT analysis in device/frequency monitoring.
  • Evaluation using envelope curve frequency spectrum for bearing damage diagnosis.
  • Monitoring and control of vibration level.
  • Process measurement values and vibration measurement values in one device.
  • Intelligent recording within device.
  • VibroLab for visualisation and analysis using time domain signal, trend, FFT spectrum, FFT cascade, orbit and polar diagrams.

The AMDT module can directly calculate an envelope curve spectrum. The following illustration shows the signalling procedure:

Vibration lab

Software VibroLab

VibroLab enables measurement values to be conveniently evaluated at a PC. Vibration data can be stored in a measurement value database for offline analysis. It is also possible to store data directly in the TopMessage device, without the need for PC support and to evaluate the data using VibroLab at a later point. If a link exists between VibroLab and the Message device (e.g. Ethernet TCP/IP), then online diagrams, monitoring, and analysis of data is possible.

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