Delphin Applications: Operation / observation / processing procedures

Air compressorPC-based visualisation charts and diagrams are now a standard feature in both process engineering and test engineering. They provide the user with a direct overview of their processes and establish an interface between the user and process enabling process intervention to take place.

Until now, process visualisation requirements (e.g. process data acquisition or process control) could only be met using several software packages such as SCADA + PLC systems.

Example of a simple process diagram

Delphin’s ProfiSignal Klicks provides a complete system which not only generates visualisation diagrams but also creates process and trial procedures.

This enables the user to create an entire application using just one software package: avoiding interface and compatibility problems and the cost and time factors involved in merging software from different suppliers.

ProfiSignal Klicks – a complete system

The illustration shows an overview of ProfiSignal Klicks. The interface to the actual process is via Delphin’s highly flexible Message device.

Message devices are decentralised, industrial grade measurement acquisition, automation and IT devices in one. Their modular design means they can be easily adapted to any application requirement. The Message device’s compact construction enables it to be installed directly at the process site. Measurement, control, operation and monitoring functions run independently within the device and are, therefore, protected from Windows’ software crashes.

An Ethernet interface provides the link to a PC and the process visualisation functions. Existing company networks can be utilised for measurement data transfer and operating tasks. No extra cabling is required.

Creating process diagrams and procedures

VisualisationProfiSignal Klicks enables the easy generation of visualisation diagrams, test and process procedures and the production of reports.

Standardised operation in each of the function blocks means minimum training is required in order for the user to perform their quickly and effectively.

Visualisation diagrams and process procedures are generated in the developmental environment. A tree structure ensures the overview is never lost. Quick access to specific objects is possible even in large applications with many visualisation diagrams.

Visualisation diagrams are easy to set up. Using drag and drop objects are placed on a background made up of an illustration or photograph of the process. The objects are then directly allocated to a channel. Examples of objects are analogue displays, digital displays, switches, slide controls, trends, signal lamps etc. The user is able to create a visualisation diagram within a very short time.

KlicksThe symbols are then brought to life. Clicking on a symbol opens a building block for the actual program code. This code is intuitively generated with just a few clicks using an innovative programming technique. No actual program code needs to be typed in.

This new way of programming uses key words and knowledge lists. The code just needs to be selected to replace key words. Knowledge lists are automatically generated by ProfiSignal. This programming technique means that syntax errors can no longer occur. Step by step, the building blocks are brought to life. The generation and maintenance of such a system is very easy. Detailed information can be found under the product description ProfiSignal Klicks.





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