ADwin-Pro-TC-8 ISO: Active Thermocouple module

ADwin-Pro schematic


The active thermocouple module Pro-TC-8-ISO has eight inputs for connecting thermocouples of the types E, J, K, N, R, S and T (DIN IEC 584-1). Each channel is equipped with a separate ADC. With the active conversion it is possible to query the thermoelectric voltage or temperature of each channel by software.

Of course, all temperature inputs provide a common cold junction compensation so that you will get correct temperature values. Input signals at the ADCs are acquired at a stepwise adjustable sample rate of 7 … 3500Hz. The module calculates the thermoelectric voltage or the temperature value from the measurement signal in Celsius or Fahrenheit, consistent with the norm IEC 584-1.

The module can be manually set if the potentials of the lines are separated from each other or if the negative input is connected to ground.

Performace features:

  • Eight inputs for thermocouples
  • Thermocouple types with measuring range and accuracy:
    • Type E: -200°C … 1000°C; 1°C
    • Type J: -210°C … 1250°C; 1°C
    • Type K: -200°C … 1372°C; 1°C
    • Type N: -200°C … 1300°C; 2°C
    • Type R: -50°C … 1768°C; 3°C
    • Type S: -50°C … 1768°C; 3°C
    • Type T: -270°C … 400°C; 1°C
  • Sampling rate: 7 Hz … 3500Hz
  • Temperature resolution: 0.1°C; calculation according to DIN IEC 684-1
  • Input resistance: 10 M?.

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