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DADiSP Filters is a menu-driven, digital filtering module that adds complete FIR and IIR filtering capabilities to DADiSP. DADiSP/Filters allows you to quickly design, analyse and process both FIR (Finite Impulse Response) and IIR (Infinite Impulse Response) digital filters from easy-to-use dialogue boxes or simple one line functions. On-line help and examples are also provided.


Filter graphsDesign, analyse and apply

DADiSP/Filters gives you the power to easily build digital filters that emulate hardware- based designs for testing and verification or perform filtering operations not possible with traditional analogue methods. DADiSP/Filters allows you to remove noise generated during the data collection process. DADiSP/Filters is the perfect complement to GPIBLab, DADiSP’s acquisition module for collecting data from IEEE-488 based instruments, and DADiSP/AdvDSP, a sophisticated module for advanced signal processing techniques.

Filter graphsFIR filters

The FIR module creates linear phase lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandstop, multiband, Hilbert transformers and differentiators using the Parks-McClellan/Remez Exchange optimal design algorithm. The filter order can be specified or automatically estimated from the particular filter specifications. The Kaiser Window method is also provided and is capable of creating both very high order FIR filters and extremely tight, narrowband filters.

IIR filtersIIR filters

The IIR module supports Bessel, Butterworth, Chebychev I, Chebychev II and Elliptic designs for lowpass, highpass, bandpass and bandstop recursive filters. The Bilinear transform method is employed and the resulting IIR coefficients can be determined in optimal multistage cascade format or traditional Direct form. The module also supports the Matched-Z transform method to approximate linear phase characteristics for IIR Bessel filters.

Coefficient conversion

Filter coefficients can be converted to and from Cascade, Direct and FIR form and the coefficients can be quantised to emulate DSP chipsets.

Filter responseFilter response

The impulse, magnitude, phase and group delay characteristics can be calculated for any filter. Pole-Zero plots are also supported. Efficient time and frequency domain filtering algorithms are provided to apply the filter to any series.



Fully integrated

The filters module is fully integrated with DADiSP to provide a complete digital filter design, analysis, display and processing environment. The DADiSP/Filters user interface is dialogue based, eliminating the need to memorise argument lists or formulas and allows quick recall of previous filter designs. The filter coefficients are automatically displayed in a DADiSP window and can be saved for further use by DADiSP or other programs.

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