FFT Acceleration Module

FFTXL moduleDADiSP/FFTXL accelerates FFT computations by using the Math Kernel library from Intel. Speed improvements by a factor of two are common and prime factor FFTs (FFTs on series not a power of two in length) experience tremendous speed gains.

The MKL library provides highly optimised Fourier transform routines tuned specifically to Intel processors to provide outstanding performance.

Simply install DADiSP/FFTXL and any routine that employs the FFT or IFFT function automatically benefits from accelerated computation.

Key features

  • Simple deployment – just Install and Run.
  • 2x to 10x FFT speed improvements.
  • Optimised performance on Intel processors.
  • Multi-threaded execution for even faster execution on Multi-Core Systems.
  • Speeds up any FFT based analysis.


FFT acceleration module

The Fourier Transform is a core analysis routine for a wide variety of technical applications, including signal processing, medical, geophysical, acoustic, statistics, image processing and many more.

The Discrete Fourier Transform, or DFT, converts discrete time domain data into discrete frequency domain data. Although discrete FFT Flow Diagram time data has a continuous Fourier transform, under proper conditions the DFT effectively samples the continuous transform to enable computer-based numeric processing of frequency domain data.

The Fast Fourier Transform, or FFT, exploits certain symmetries inherit to the DFT computation to produce the same result as the DFT but at greater speeds. The FFTXL module further accelerates DADiSP’s built-in FFT function to deliver one of the fastest FFT computations possible.

Processor tuned performance

The FFTXL module uses the finely tuned Math Kernel library from Intel to FFTXL Speed Comparison take advantage of Intel architecture-based processors using the latest instruction sets, parallelism and algorithms to yield a highly optimised FFT function. Performance gains of 2x to 10x over the standard built-in FFT function are acheived.

fftxl bar


Simple deployment

FFTXL is completely automatic. Simply install the module and the FFT function immediately runs faster: no settings to change, no code to rewrite. In addition to the FFT function itself, any custom or built-in function that relies on the FFT experiences the same performance gain. FFTXL is a straightforward way to accelerate any FFT based data analysis.



DADiSP/FFTXL requires DADiSP 6.5 B01 or higher. Contact us for information about updating your current version of DADiSP.

FFTXL FFT acceleration module

FFTXL automatically accelerates the computation of the FFT and IFFT functions. In addition, custom or built-in routines that make use of the FFT experience significant speed improvements. Below is a partial list of routines provided by DADiSP that benefit directly from the FFTXL Module. In addition, many of the functions provided by the DADiSP/Filters and DADiSP/AdvDSP modules also benefit from the speed optimisations offered by FFTXL.

FFT based functions
cceps Complex cepstrum.
dct Discrete cosine transform.
dct2 2D Discrete cosine transform.
decilp Bandlimited decimation.
facorr Auto-correlation function.
facov Auto-covariance function.
fcirconv Fast circular convolution.
fconv Fast convolution.
fdeconv Fast deconvolution.
fft Fast Fourier Transform.
fft2 2D Fast Fourier Transform.
finteg Frequency domain integration.
firsamp Frequency sampling filter design.
fpadfilt Filtering with end padding.
fxcorr Cross-correlation function.
fxcov Cross-covariance function.
fzinterp Interpolation by FFT zero insertion.
grpdelay Group delay.
hilb Hilbert transform.
idct Inverse discrete cosine transform.
idct2 2D Inverse discrete cosine transform.
ifft Inverse Fast Fourier Transform.
ifft2 2D Inverse Fast Fourier Transform.
invpsd PSD to time series.
nfft Zero pad or time aliased FFT.
npsd Zero pad or time aliased PSD.
nspectrum Zero pad or time aliased spectrum.
powspec Power spectrum.
psd Power spectral density.
specgram Joint time-frequency spectum.
sfreq S transform evaluation.
spectrum Normalised FFT magnitude.
rceps Real cepstrum.
zfreq Z transform evaluation.


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