Intel Parallel Studio XE 2017

intel-parallel-studio-boxDeliver top C++ and Fortran application performance with less effort

  • Faster code: Boost applications performance that scales on today’s and next-gen processors
  • Create code faster: Utilize a toolset that simplifies creating fast, reliable parallel code

What is new in Intel XE 2017

Intel Parallel Studio XE2017 boosts performance, increases productivity, and eases scalability more than ever for HPC and compute-intensive applications. Whether you build for big data analytics, machine and deep learning, or thousands of other performance-critical applications, this tool-packed suite harnesses the full capabilities inside Intel Xeon and Xeon Phi processors and coprocessors.

Here are some of the highlights:

Enhanced Big Data Analytics – Easily Build IA Optimized Data Analytics Application
Intel Data Analytics Acceleration Library (Intel DAAL)  will help data scientists speed through big data challenges with optimized IA functions. New features include: Python APIs, Neural Network layer support, extended support for data sources, new normalization functions, new optimization algorithms and new activation functions.

Boost Speed of Machine Learning Applications
Intel® Math Kernel Library 2017  introduces machine learning support using DNN (Deep Neural Networks) primitives. Some of the new capabilities include extended TBB threading layer support, extended Sparse BLAS functionality, optimizations and usage models on second generation of Intel Xeon Phi, expanded online samples and C++ & Fortran separation for install.

Faster performance from Python packages powered by Intel® Math Kernel Library
Intel Distribution for Python 2017  adds new Python packages like scikit-learn, mpi4py, numba, conda, tbb (Python interfaces to Intel Threading Building Blocks) and pyDAAL (Python interfaces to Intel Data Analytics Acceleration Library). The  also delivers performance improvements for NumPy/SciPy through linking with performance libraries like Intel MKL, Intel MPI Library, Intel TBB and Intel DAAL.

Profile mixed Python, Go + native code
Intel VTune™ Amplifier XE , unlike pure Python profilers, can now profile mixed Python + native C, C++ or Fortran code. Find the real performance bottleneck in your Python or Go application even if it does call native code.

Storage & HPC analysis & easier configuration.
Intel VTune Amplifier XE  introduces new Storage analysis feature to help you find unbalanced disk I/O and compute.  Storage accesses are attributed to the source code. HPC Performance Characterization Analysis monitors utilization of the CPU, memory, and FPU for a compute-intensive or throughput application. This makes it easier to identify floating point operation and memory optimization opportunities. EBS analysis configuration for MPI applications has been simplified and remote Linux target now has automated configuration from UI.

Discover Untapped Performance Faster
Intel VTune Amplifier XE  introduces two new performance snapshots for a quick and easy way to prioritize performance projects based on data instead of guesswork. Application Performance Snapshot shows the potential benefit of code modernization. Storage Snapshot (coming soon in the  update) shows if faster storage may improve performance.

Expanded Compiler Features – Scaling Development Efforts Forward
Intel C++ and Fortran Compiler 17.0  compilers continue supporting the latest language standards and features – OpenMP* 4.0 and most of OpenMP* 4.5, C++11 and C++14, as well as Fortran 2008. Several enhancements improve your performance and vectorization capabilities – enjoy a significant boost in Coarray Fortran performance, vectorize your C++ code using the new Intel SIMD Data Layout Template, or tune your code for the latest Intel® Xeon Phi coprocessors. More informative optimization reports and a tighter integration with Intel® Advisor boost your productivity and efficiency.

Easier Vectorization – Faster Code Faster
Intel Advisor 2017  introduces several new features: Gather/Scatter profiling, Optimize for AVX-512 even without Hardware, Loop Analytics improvements, Detection of heap allocated variables in MAP, MPI flow improvements, Multi-ISA improvements and SDLT recommendation.

Advanced cluster diagnostic expert system in a tool
Intel Cluster Checker 2017  simplifies diagnosis of issues to improve cluster functionality and performance. It provides rapid reassurance to execute on a fully working cluster environment, which can be easily integrated into other software (using the Intel® Cluster Checker API). Its comprehensive cluster environment checking can be easily extended with custom tests.

What was new in XE2016?

  • Performance boost using explicit vectorization and optimization reports
  • Expanded standards support for OpenMP 4.0, MPI 3.0, Full C++ 2011, Full Fortran 2003 support and Fortran 2008 BLOCK support
  • Faster thread debugging and expanded performance profiling

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Intel® Parallel Studio XE tool suite simplifies the design, development, debug, and tuning of code that utilizes parallel processing to boost application performance. Get more application performance with less effort on compatible Intel® processors and coprocessors.

Three editions based on your development needs:

  • Composer* Edition includes compilers, performance libraries, and parallel models optimized to build fast parallel code.
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  • Professional* Edition includes everything in the Composer edition.  It adds performance profiler, threading design/prototyping, and memory & thread debugger to design, build, debug and tune fast parallel code.
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  • Cluster Edition includes everything in the Professional edition.  It adds a MPI cluster communications library, along with MPI error checking and tuning to design, build, debug and tune fast parallel code that includes MPI.
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*Intel Parallel Studio Composer and Professional Editions are available for Fortran or C++, or Fortran and C++.  If you purchase the standalone Fortran or C++ version the other language will be excluded.

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Performance awaits you

Boost performance with Intel C++ and Fortran compilers combined with parallel models and optimized libraries for Windows*, Linux* and OS X*.



Library & parallel model details

Eliminate bottlenecks in code

Optimize serial and parallel performance with an advanced performance and thread profiler (Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE).  Tune C, C++, C#, Fortran, Assembly and Java* applications.


Deliver More Reliable Applications

Find bugs before they happen with an easy to use memory and threading debugger (Intel ® Inspector XE) for C, C++, C# and Fortran applications.


Painlessly find the best threading solution

Find the greatest parallel performance potential and identify critical synchronization issues quickly with a threading design and prototyping tool (Intel® Advisor XE) for C, C++, C# and Fortran applications.


Achieve high performance, low latency MPI communications using the latest MPI 3.0 standard with Intel’s MPI library.


Speed MPI Communications with Profiling and Analysis

Use the MPI debugger and profiler (Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector) to understand MPI application correctness and behavior by visualizing applications behavior.




Will Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2017 work with my existing environment?

Yes. Our tools plug seamlessly into Visual Studio* and the GNU tool chain to keep you productive while preserving your development environment investment. Intel® Parallel Studio XE offers excellent compatibility with leading compilers. Intel tools also support development and maintenance of software targeted to run on systems using processors compatible with the Intel® architecture.

How does a developer start developing parallel programs to take advantage of Intel® processors?

Optimizing for today’s multi-core platforms is the best way to be ready to use Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel® MIC Architecture). Adopting Intel® Software Development Tools and programming models today will protect your programming investment moving forward as new processor technologies are introduced. C and C++ programmers should start with Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) and Intel® Cilk™ Plus, which are included in Intel® Parallel Studio XE and Intel® Cluster Studio XE. These offer task-based abstractions to exploit parallelism with a set of task and data parallel models that are portable, scalable, reliable and future-proof. These models easily integrate into existing applications, preserving software and hardware investments.

Fortran programmers, and many C programmers, should look at OpenMP. Fortran programmers also have the new Coarray Fortran capabilities in the Intel® Fortran compilers.

Where can I get an evaluation copy of Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2017?

30 day evaluation versions of Intel® Software Development Products are available for free download. You can get free support during the evaluation period by creating an Intel® Premier Support account after requesting the evaluation license.

What student discounts are available for Intel® Software Development Tools?

Students are able to get all of our tools for a large discount. Intel is dedicated to helping students build skills to become more employable for jobs in the IT industry. If you are a college or university student enrolled in a degree-granting program, you will receive a significant discount off the retail price of select software development tools.

What offers are available for academic researchers?

Faculty using our tools for research purposes can receive a substantial discount compared to our commercial offerings.

How do I get Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2017 SP1?

If you have an active Software Subscription, you will automatically get the new release. You will receive an email notification, advising you of the availability and where to obtain update. You can also go to Intel® Software Development Products Registration Center. If your subscription has expired, you must renew or buy a new subscription. Additional Information.

I am only interested in a single development language. What version of the tools should I get?

Intel® Parallel Studio XE addresses development for C, C++ and Fortran. Intel® Fortran Studio XE and Intel® C++ Studio XE development suites are also available to address those developing only in a single language. Intel® Cluster Studio XE is only available with support for C, C++ and Fortran.



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