QUARC® Real-Time Control Software

Accelerating Control Design

Designed by engineers for engineers, QUARC® real-time control software significantly accelerates the control design and implementation process. Like with its popular predecessor WinCon, QUARC helps you perform high-end research with hard real-time using the QNX® Neutrino Real Time Operating System. Alternatively you can attain soft real-time when running on Windows-based operating systems.

QUARC seamlessly integrates with Simulink® for rapid controls prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop testing. It is fully integrated with Simulink Coder. You can draw a controller, generate code and run it in real-time without time-consuming hand coding.

QUARC supports number of interfaces to ease research using popular third-party devices, including KUKA robots, Geomagic Touch (formerly Sensable Omni), Schunk grippers and much more. Click here for the latest list of interfaces supported by QUARC.

Control Software for Engineering Education and Research

QUARC in Controls EducationQUARC for Controls Education QUARC Enables Innovative ResearchQUARC for Innovative Research QUARC Enables Industrial R&DQUARC for Industrial R&D

Controls Education

Designed to meet industrial demands, QUARC is a valuable tool for educators in undergraduate and master-level labs.

Single PC solution
Generating real-time code directly from Simulink®-designed controllers for the same PC significantly accelerates control design and implementation. This helps students focus on the important aspects of the control design process and complete project-based assignments successfully.

Simple and Intuitive
QUARC user interfaces are easy to understand without training. Students can tune parameters of the running model by changing block parameters in the Simulink® diagram and view the status of a signal in the model by simply opening a Simulink® Scope (or any other Sink in the diagram) while the model runs on the target. Furthermore, data can be streamed to the MATLAB® workspace or to a file on disk for off-line analysis.

Low Maintenance
QUARC streamlines the process of maintaining and servicing a laboratory without sacrificing system performance or an excessive amount of your staff’s time. Host (control design environment) and target (platform which executes the real-time code) can be on separate computers yet still communicate through a network connection. QUARC can sustain any possible multi-configuration. Ask about License Server Architecture.

Innovative Research

QUARC is a powerful, flexible mechatronic integration tool, providing time-saving and simple solutions to those unique challenges encountered when you’re developing mechatronic systems.

Interfacing Third-Party Devices
Whether you have custom-made research platforms or use commercially available equipment, QUARC is the only software that makes it easy to interface with all of them. QUARC offers a suite of third-party device blocks which help researchers seamlessly interface and control KUKA robots, Point Grey cameras and Geomagic Haptic devices, to name a few. These blocks not only allow a Simulink® model to communicate with external devices but also implement the mathematical framework for controlling them, without the need to learn new tools or hand coding. View the full list of interfaces supported by QUARC.

Multiple Operating Systems Support
QUARC seamlessly allows Simulink® models to run in real-time on a variety of targets. These include Windows®, Gumstix® or Linux. QUARC generates code for multiple operating systems and hardware platforms, while maintaining a common, seamless and easy-to-use interface.

Support for Communications
The QUARC Stream API offers a flexible and protocol-independent communications framework, allowing to conduct communication between QUARC models, between a QUARC model and an external third-party application or even between two external third-party applications. The Stream API is independent of the development environment and can be used in C/C++, .NET, MATLAB®, LabVIEW™, etc. The Stream API enables the communication between multiple real-time model over the internet. This could be used for distributed control, teleoperation, device interfacing, etc. The stream API natively supports the following protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, serial, shared memory, named pipes, ARCNET, and more.

Advanced Industrial R&D

QUARC is a powerful, affordable rapid control prototyping decreases development time and costs while increasing project manageability. Here are 12 reasons why you should consider QUARC for new functions in different types of industrial processes and devices controlled with a complex distributed control system.

  1. Flexible and extensible communications blocks configurable for real-time TCP/IP, UDP, serial, shared memory and other protocols
  2. Performance Diagnostics
  3. Simulink Coder Code Optimization support
  4. Modularity and incremental builds via model referencing
  5. Control of Thread priorities and CPU Affinity
  6. Asynchronous execution (e.g., ideal for efficient communication)
  7. Simultaneously run any number of models on a single or multiple target(s)
  8. Self-booting model for embedded targets
  9. External Hardware-In-the-Loop card and communication interfacing provided in C/C++, MATLAB, LabVIEW, and .NET languages
  10. Multiprocessor (SMP) support, e.g., on a quad-core Windows target QUARC models can take advantage of all four cores.
  11. Visualization blockset for 3D visualization of simulation or actual hardware in real-time
  12. Ability to interface with MATLAB GUIs, LabVIEW panels, and Altia


  • Full support for Simulink® external mode, including Scopes, Floating Scopes, Displays, To Workspace, online parameter tuning, etc.
  • Single or multiple PC / board configurations supported
  • Support of 64-bit and 32-bit platforms for Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems
  • Multi-processor support under Windows 7 and Windows 8 for improved sampling rates and performance
  • Log data to MAT-file and M-files
  • Run Multithreaded and Multirate models
  • Run more than one model on a single target or multiple targets at the same time
  • Standalone controller execution
  • Support for multiple targets (OS’s and chipsets), such as Windows 7 and Windows 8 (soft real-time)
  • Windows-based cross compiler for gumstix boards (Linux Verdex target)
  • Flexible and extensible communications framework enabling distributed control, device interfacing, teleoperation and general interprocess communication between models and local or remote applications
  • Unified, expandable data acquisition architecture supporting cards from Quanser, National Instruments and other manufacturers
  • Support for asynchronous threads in Simulink® models – ideal for asynchronous communications, etc.
  • Full set of data streaming blocks to enable any synchronous or asynchronous communication with processes outside of the running controller
  • Protocols natively supported include TCP/IP, UDP, serial, shared memory, named pipes, ARCNET, Peak CAN, and more
  • Console for monitoring standard I/O (stdio) of a model even on a remote target
  • Support for model referencing, allowing object-oriented model design and incremental compilation and linking for accelerating the development of large models
  • Support for scope triggering and data archiving for sophisticated, large volume, data collection
  • Support for peripherals such as mouse,  keyboard and force feedback joysticks
  • Support for third-party devices ranging from infrared cameras to KUKA robots
  • Support for the Network for Earthquake Engineering and Simulation (NEES) grid
  • Self-booting target for embedded modes
  • Network-administered license (optional)
  • NEW: Host speach recognition and synthesis

The Next Steps

For the time being we are unable to offer the following product ranges although we are currently working hard to increase the number of products we can offer in the future. Please contact us to talk about alternative products that we may be able to offer you.