Linear Motion Challenge: Double Inverted Pendulum

The Challenge:

Design a control system to balance a double inverted pendulum on a linear motion cart.


A double pendulum mounted on a solid aluminum cart is free to fall along the cart’s axis of motion. A pendulum (approx. 2″ in length) with another joint is mounted to the first joint. A second pendulum is attached to the second joint. Both joint angles are measured using encoders. The cart is driven by a rack and pinion mechanism using a 6V DC motor, ensuring consistent and continuous traction. The cart slides along a stainless steel shaft using linear bearings. The cart position is measured using a sensor coupled to the rack via an additional pinion.

The objective is to design a control system that balances the double pendulum and maintains cart position. The system is supplied with a state feedback controller. You may design any other controller you wish.


Undergraduate – second course / Project / Graduate / Research

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