VisSim 7 impresses at the VisSim European User Meeting

VisSimEuropean simulation enthusiasts previewed VisSim 7, the latest release of the leading simulation software tool, at the headquarters of Adept Scientific (Letchworth, UK) last week. The two day event was delivered by Pete Darnell, CEO and Chief Software Engineer at developers Visual Solutions Inc (Westford, MA).

The first day concentrated on the new features in VisSim 7, including 3D animation, 3D plotting, a vastly increased range of matrix operations, auto save and printing improvements. Delegates were particularly impressed by the ease of 3D animation and new spreadsheet-like interface for specifying tabular data and new routines for smoothly interpolating physical data. The following day focussed on a hands-on training course in Visual Solutions’ Embedded Controls Development (ECD) software environment. Delegates learned how to develop algorithms using ECD and downloaded them to F2812 DSPs – motivated by the opportunity to win a DSP. All delegates took home a TI MSP430 low power microprocessor evaluation kit as a thank you for attending.

Alan Riley, an engineer from Sensonics who attended the User Meeting, said: “I got exactly want I wanted from the course; on the first day a very good introduction to VisSim from someone who has a deep understanding of the software. The second day demonstrated the power and simplicity of VisSim ECD in DSP applications; this has to be the way to go for DSP development”.

Pete Darnell was particularly impressed by the calibre of the delegates and remarked: “Our European users continue to impress me with their creativity and knowledge level. I think they use VisSim to add greater intellectual value to product development than users elsewhere. It is rewarding to see such deep appreciation of VisSim. It’s a major impetus for spurring my desire to deliver highly accessible model based development tools that reduce development time, increase product quality and continue to offer the fastest simulation speed and most efficient code generation on the market today”.

He plans to return in mid 2008 and repeat the event as a part of Visual Solutions’ commitment to remain close to its European user-base. Simulation experts and new users can register an initial interest in attending by emailing

VisSim is a Windows-based program for the modelling and simulation of complex nonlinear dynamic systems, combining an intuitive drag-and-drop block diagram interface with a powerful simulation engine. VisSim 7 is scheduled for release in early 2008.

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