The power to control coding with VisSim/ECD


VisSim/Embedded Controls Developer™ (VisSim/ECD) from Visual Solutions Incorporated (VSI) (Westford, Massachusetts) generates efficient fixed point C code for a range of targets.

VisSim/Embedded Controls Developer (VisSim/ECD) is an environment for model-based development of embedded control systems. VisSim makes it easy to construct block diagrams of both controllers and plants. Fast and accurate system simulation with frequency domain analysis makes it easy to design the controller off-line. Built-in optimisation gives automatic parameter tuning to user defined cost criteria. Systems can be as simple as PID control or as complex as a multi-axis sensorless FOC PMSM controller with packet-based RS485 command protocol and dynamic I2C EEPROM read/write.

After simulation, VisSim’s Code Generator uses the same diagram to generate highly efficient C code and compiles to an executable image for an embedded target. The VisSim target HotLink downloads the executable image and lets you change controller gains from the PC host and displays digital scope results of on-target signals.

VisSim/ECD is unique in its ability to generate highly efficient, high sample rate, low jitter target executables. For example, a closed-loop PID control with encoder input and PWM output and one digital output line takes 1.1K flash and 100 bytes RAM on the MSP430, and VisSim/ECD generated code can sample at rates over 1 MHz on the F28335. As a TI third party partner, Visual Solutions has gained valuable access to TI technology to tune VisSim/ECD to make best use of TI processors and peripherals.

Kevin Godfrey, Principal Engineer, AMETEK Airtechnology Group Limited, said: “VisSim/ECD has been instrumental in letting us get our controller working well and hitting our design goals and deadlines. The quality of the code generator has removed the need for an independent coding staff, which has lowered our costs and sped up overall implementation. The VisSim folks have been very helpful and responsive when we have any questions or issues.”


  • VisSim/Fixed Point block set performs simulation and efficient code generation of scaled fixed-point operations like sin, cos, sqrt, atan2, FIR and IIR; overflow and precision loss effects are easily seen and corrected at simulation time; auto-scaling speeds fixed-point development; in-line code generation creates fast target code.
  • Peripheral blocks to generate code for C2000 on-chip devices: 280x ePWM, eQEP, eCAP, ADC, GPIO, quadrature encoder, event capture, CAN 2.0, SCI(RS232,UART,serial port), SPI, McBSP, watchdog and interrupts.
  • Full control of PWM including dynamic control of PWM period and phase, ADC start of conversion, trip zone, deadband intervals, action selection.
  • Interrupt-based queue drivers for serial (SCI), SPI and McBSP; user selectable queue lengths and use of hardware FIFO result in lower system overhead.
  • Diagram-based interrupt handlers for XINT, ADC, PWM and DMA.
  • Easy creation of background tasks Subsystem dialogue box to create a background task that runs at a user specified rate.
  • TI C2000 Digital Motor Control (DMC) block set supports simulation and code generation of efficient, fixed-point routines for Park and Clarke transforms, rotor speed and flux estimation, PID control, space vector wave form generation for AC Induction and brushless DC motor control.
  • Automatic C code generation of production quality fixed-point code, compile, link and JTAG download.
  • Supported processors include TI MSP430 (all flavours), C2000 (all flavours) including F2808 and variations, F28027, F28035 (Piccolo), F28335(Delfino), LF2407, F2812, C5510, C6713, Intel x86 PC.
  • Retention of the VisSim GUI while algorithm executes on MCU lets you visualise interactive plots of MCU outputs and change MCU gains and parameters in real time.
  • VisSim Code Composer Studio (CCS) plug-in for automatic CCS project creation.
  • TI C2000 CAN bus support.
  • Serial-port-based LCD display support.
  • Efficient 7- and 14-segment LCD display support for MSP430; user table can customise segment assignments; auto conversion from scaled fixed-point to decimal display uses no floating point and no divide for maximum efficiency on MSP architecture.
  • Conditional execution of subsystems based on any Boolean condition, including occurrence of interrupt.
  • User control of execution order of parallel flows is done top down; subsystem contents are completely executed before the next block on given layer, which provides fine grain control necessary for hardware device access.
  • State transition block provides unlimited states and transition conditions, transition conditions are C expressions.

The VisSim product range is supplied and supported by Adept Scientific in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Scandinavia and the Nordic countries.

About Visual Solutions

Visual Solutions is the developer of VisSim, a graphical environment for the design, simulation, verification and implementation of control systems. Founded in 1989, Visual Solutions has helped thousands of companies world-wide bring complex products and systems to market quickly and efficiently. Engineers and scientists in industries like process, aerospace, automotive, biomedical, digital power, motor control, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications etc rely on VisSim to enhance innovation and speed design and test cycles


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Just would like to express my sincere appreciation to both Adept Scientific UK and Vissim Support team on their swift efficient and friendly responses of my problems. This is by far the best customer services I have received. Thank you.

SQ, Manchester, UK

Excellent! Very much appreciated how the content was tailored to our needs.

Very happy with the service. Very professional staff and always helpful.

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Very helpful in providing advice on which courses were applicable. Very clear. Checked with trainees to ensure the pace was accurate. Very aware of individual needs of trainees without letting individual issues take over. My interaction with Adept has always been very good. Staff are helpful, efficient and responsive.

Dr C Stott, Cambridge, UK

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