New Version of DADiSP/WAV Audio Module

DADiSP/WAV Version 2.0 offers new streamlined interface and new features for digital audio data editing

Adept Scientific (Letchworth, Herts) announces a new version of the DADiSP/WAV audio module, an add-on to the popular DADiSP graphical data analysis application for handling digital audio data. A new, streamlined interface, direct integration with Windows Media Player, automatic waveform scaling and both standard and user-defined quantisation and format – these new features combine to extend the functionality and improve the speed of audio data handling in DADiSP.

DADiSP/WAV allows the user to read, write and edit digital audio data from .WAV format files via easy-to-use pop-up menus or simple one line functions. The DADiSP/WAV module supports standard PCM .WAV file format for 8 and 16 bit mono and stereo data files, giving users the flexibility to work directly with their data and take full advantage of the .WAV file format.

DADiSP/WAV Version 2.0 includes a completely redesigned user interface to streamline the process of creating, reading, writing and playing PCM .WAV files. At a click, waveforms from any DADiSP Window can be played directly with Windows Media Player or any other .WAV compatible application. The data is automatically scaled to provide optimal signal to noise ratio.

Series can be quantised to standard 8 bit and 16 bit resolution or user determined quantisation, and the bit format can be specified for custom applications.

DADiSP, from DSP Development Corporation (Newton, Massachusetts), is a full-featured data analysis and visualisation environment designed to meet the demanding data analysis needs of scientists and engineers. Its highly graphical user interface features interrelated, “live” graphical windows which update automatically when a variable is changed. DADiSP automatically captures data from laboratory instruments and test and measurement equipment, and is compatible with data from a wide range of Windows applications.

The DADiSP range of products, including a choice of optional extensions, is supplied and supported by Adept Scientific.

With offices in the UK, USA, Germany and throughout the Nordic region, Adept Scientific is one of the world’s leading suppliers of software and hardware products for research, scientific, engineering and technical applications on desktop computers.

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Hi Bob, Thank you so much for this and your prompt reply. It is such a relief, I can’t tell you! I will try downloading it now. I can’t thank you enough for your kindness as well as efficiency.


I have had a very helpful response, and have passed it on to my Oxford colleagues with success. I am impressed with the way Adept seems to maintain the same staff for many years, which speaks very well for the organisation.

HG, Oxford, UK

Your web page is simply brilliant. Congratulations!

CF, Kirknewton, UK

“Looking online for a software that would perform the particular task we need at the moment (resolution of overlapped Gaussian-shaped peaks), I was glad to find out that a fully functional trial version of OriginPro was made available by your company. Also, watching one of the tutorial videos, all commands and short-cuts I needed to get my results were shown there. Very handy and a time-saver.”

Mauricio Morais, LCT, M.Sc. - Sr. Research Assistant - NEPS Lab Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at TUFTS Univers

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