New Quality Monitor 2.4

NWA Quality Monitor 2.4 gives manufacturers powerful, configurable software for plant-floor data collection and SPC charting in an off-the-shelf package. Quality Monitor has increased functionality making it the single solution for plant-floor SPC.

Uniform Solution

Using just one software package workflow procedures can be standardised, data
collection automated and real-time SPC feedback provided throughout the

Quality Monitor enables all plant
floor workstations use the same core software with task-specific configurations
for each application.

Operator interface and chart formats can be standardised and the context
sensitive, on-line help system can support standard operating procedures (SOPs)
and simplify meeting quality assurance and vendor certification program

What’s new in NWA Quality Monitor 2.4

  • Updated charting and report generation.
  • Database-standard date/time formats and new supporting calculation
  • Actions and functions performed ‘on startup’ and ‘on exit’.
  • Additional database connectivity capabilities enabling seamless integration
    with NWA Quality Information Server to deliver quality system solutions.


Cost-effective in applications ranging from single-user workstations to
integration with plant wide information systems,
href=”/products/qands/monitor/”>Quality Monitor
is inexpensive to implement
and support and is easy to install and configure.

Getting Started

The starting point is NWA Quality
Designer which combines a full-screen visual designer with
wizard-based set-up tools. This provides an easy-to-use configuration
environment capable of meeting the most demanding data collection

Easy to Set Up

Customised data entry screens are built using a familiar drag-and-drop,
point-and-click interface allowing easy creation of complete User Interface

Easy to Use

Flexible design capabilities allow the user-interface to match the
requirements of the item being tested and the user’s capabilities. Data
collection and analysis can be standardised to match SOPs and customer

Easy to Integrate

Quality Monitor is designed to be the plant-floor test station component of
the manufacturing or process information system.

Integration features include:

  • Direct data connection to any ODBC-compliant database
  • Local and distributed alarming
  • Interfaces with the most popular MES, CIM, ERP and LIMS systems
  • Automatic recovery from network failure
  • Easily shares data with NWA’s family suite of analysis and reporting

Easy to Interface

Quality Monitor comes with extensive
pre-configured device interface including most electronic scales, gauges,
multiplexers and a wide range of specialised devices.

Adding device input to a Quality
data entry screen is usually done with a few mouse clicks. In
addition, device and port configuration tools provide easy creation of new
device interfaces and solves communication problems.

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