New ChemDraw 8.0 Is Released

Adept Scientific plc announces the availability of ChemDraw 8, from CambridgeSoft:the latest, most powerful and intuitive version of this state-of-the-art structure drawing package and productivity tool.

This is great news for ChemDraw users around the world who rely on their software for a wide variety of day-to-day tasks, including report writing, property estimation and even help with naming difficult compounds. As with each new release from CambridgeSoft, ChemDraw 8.0 is once again a remarkable improvement over all earlier versions of the software, even though many dedicated users probably wondered how this chemical productivity program could possibly be improved further.

The developments in ChemDraw 8.0 focus on a number of areas: more drawing tools (building upon ChemDraw’s long-standing reputation for chemical illustration power); enhancements to the user interface; and of course many new chemistry features. There are a host of reasons why ChemDraw 8.0 should be every chemist’s structure drawing and analysis tool of choice:

New Struct=Name Algorithm – generate systematic names from chemical structures automatically. Organic structures, single structures, chains, single rings, nearly all functional groups: ChemDraw 8 recognises and names them, with proper capitalisation, punctuation and use of font styles (italic, superscript, etc); proper identification, naming, numbering and alphabetisation of locants; and comprehensive support for the Cahn-Ingold-Prelog (CIP) rules for absolute stereochemistry. It’s a huge time-saver.

Enhanced Name=Struct – the feature that automatically generates structures from chemical names, now boasts intelligent recognition and correction of typos – a great help if you’re prone to keyboard errors or unsure of the correct spellings of chemical names.

New Floating Period Table – keep information about all the elements at your fingertips.

New Floating Character Map – add special characters from any font with a click of your mouse. Creating labelled atoms and chemical formulae is now even easier.

New TLC Plate Tool – makes it easy to depict Thin-Layer Chromatography plates within a ChemDraw document: draw them, import them, edit them, save them and print them out.

New Structure Perspectives Tool – lets you change the perspective from which a structure is drawn, rotating structures to display 2-D projections of 3-D structures without losing the original 3-D data.

Improved Proton NMR Predictions – they now use splitting patterns which make predicted spectra more realistic than line spectra.

Improved Carbon-13 NMR predictions – shift values are, on average, more than twice as accurate as before.

New 3D query feature – In addition to storing and preserving 3D coordinates, ChemDraw can now represent 3D queries in 3D-enabled databases. 3D queries are particularly useful in pharmacophore searching, where the user is looking for a particular 3D relationship among atoms and bonds, for example in a series of potential receptor ligands.

New Mass Fragmentation Tool – allows you to examine potential Mass Spectra fragment patterns by drawing lines across breaking bonds. This mimics the behaviour experienced in a mass spectrometer, except that you specify which bonds are to be broken.

Enhanced Chemical intelligence – interprets multi-step reactions and lays them out more elegantly. This makes them easier to understand, without compromising the depiction of individual components.

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