Multivariate SPC and Stability Analysis/Shelf Life Prediction featured in NWA Quality Analyst Version 6.2

Northwest Analytical (Portland, Oregon) has introduced the next generation of Quality Analytics with NWA Quality Analyst® Version 6.2.  Available from Adept Scientific (Letchworth, Herts), Version 6.2 provides improved performance, new tools for breaking down data and two new optional companion modules; Multivariate SPC and Stability/Shelf Life Prediction Statistics. These new modules represent a breakthrough in bringing the power of sophisticated statistical methods to everyday process engineering and quality management.

Multivariate SPC

Multivariate SPC enhances the analysis of complex processes in chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical plants, among others, through the use of multivariate models. NWA has partnered with Infometrix, the creators of Pirouette®, the leading chemometrics multivariate software, to develop this breakthrough module.

A single, integrated analytics system creates and maintains the models, delivers the resulting Multivariate SPC charts and supports automated, real-time and web-enabled distribution.  NWA MvSPC™ turns next-generation multivariate process modelling and analytics into a practical, broadly deployed tool for process management and continuous process improvement. Once thought to be too complex, this valuable method can now become a routine quality management tool.

According to Dr. Brian Rohrback, President, Infometrix, Inc., “Northwest Analytical has a first-rate set of process monitoring and control tools that make them the leader in off-line and real-time SPC.  We at Infometrix are honoured to be invited to assist with the integration of our industry-standard multivariate capabilities into Quality Analyst 6.2.  The result of the collaboration is the best MvSPC system I have seen.”

Stability Studies

Stability studies are the standard method for pharmaceutical and food manufacturers to determine product shelf life. The NWA Stability Analytics™ module works with Quality Analyst 6.2 to provide stability statistics and analytics from any LIMS or standard database. NWA Stability Analytics follows FDA and ICH guidelines for shelf life and stability analysis and reporting. NWA Stability Analytics is a single, integrated application that replaces the collection of spreadsheets, personal databases and statistics packages often used for production stability studies. The result is higher quality data analysis and greater efficiency.

QA 6.2 Operational Enhancements

In addition to the MvSPC and Stability Analytics modules, Version 6.2 provides operational enhancements to improve the quality analysis and management process which include:

Breakdown – The new “Breakdown” function expands the Quality Analyst data filter capabilities and allows for quick comparison and drill down by descriptive fields such as Date, Shift, Machine, Plant, etc.

Automation Improvements – The enhanced wizard supports direct editing and testing of automation ‘Run Files’ before saving.  These improvements make automating analysis and charting easier and more productive.

Graphics Viewer – Graphics Viewer enhancements give the user access to more information while viewing SPC charts:

  • SOPs and other documents are just a click away with the new “launch document” function.  A pre-defined document or web page will appear, to support user actions such as Assignable Cause/Corrective Action or making process adjustments.
  • With the “quick link” function, users can click on a chart point and go directly to the appropriate record in the Data Editor.  This quickly provides more context to the data and better process understanding.

The NWA product suite is supplied and supported in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Scandinavia and Nordic countries by Adept Scientific.

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