Measurement Computing adds “universal input” module to its USB-2404 line

May 2009: Adept Scientific (Letchworth, Herts) is pleased to announce the release of Measurement Computing’s (Norton, Massachusetts) universal analogue input module to the USB-2404 series of simultaneous data acquisition devices. The new module provides four channels of 24-bit universal analogue input with integrated signal conditioning.

Whereas the USB-2404-10 and USB-2404-60 modules measured voltage only (±10 V and ±60 V, respectively), the USB-2404-UI can be used to measure a variety of signal types, from such sensors as RTDs, thermocouples, load cells and other powered sensors.

Each of the four channels has a detachable six-position spring terminal, which is individually configurable, so a different measurement type can be performed on each channel. All channels are measured simultaneously at up to 100 S/s per channel.

The USB-2404-UI can perform the following measurements:

·    Voltage
·    Current
·    Thermocouple
·    RTD (4-wire and 3-wire)
·    Resistance (4-wire and 2-wire
·    Bridge-based sensors (quarter-, half-, and full-bridge).

Measurement ranges vary for each type of measurement.

The device features built-in current and voltage excitation, which is protected from both overcurrent and overvoltage fault conditions. Each channel also has a built-in thermistor for cold-junction compensation (CJC) calculations when measuring thermocouples.

An analogue prefilter removes noise that may be present in the signals prior to conversion. With 250 VAC channel-to-channel and channel-to-ground isolation, the USB-2404-UI protects the individual channels and connected computer and ensures a reliable data stream. The status of the device is indicated by an on-board LED.

Each channel has a detachable six-position spring terminal for field wiring connections. Additional connectors are available for purchase. A strain relief kit is also available to secure signal wires. The USB-2404-UI ships with a 2-meter USB cable and is powered by the +5 volt USB supply from your computer. No external power is required.

“The real excitement with the USB-2404-UI lies in its universal analogue input feature,” observed Jim Stevens, Measurement Computing’s vice president of R&D, “Users can simultaneously acquire four channels of data, choosing from any of six measurement types. That makes a pretty nice package. And, as always, the price is right.”

The USB-2404-UI series modules ship with an impressive array of software, including the new TracerDAQ®, a full-featured, out-of-the-box data logging, viewing and analysis application; Universal Library™ and InstaCal™ installation, calibration and test utility — powerful software solutions for programmers and nonprogrammers alike.

The USB-2404-UI operates under Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista® (32-bit) operating systems.

About Measurement Computing

Measurement Computing is the market leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of low-priced data acquisition hardware, and test and measurement software solutions for both programmers and non-programmers.

The Measurement Computing product range is supplied and supported in the UK by Adept Scientific.

With offices in the UK, USA, Germany and throughout the Nordic region, Adept Scientific is one of the world’s leading suppliers of software and hardware products for research, scientific, engineering and technical applications on desktop computers. Full details and contact information for all Adept Scientific international offices are available at; or telephone +44 (0) 203 695 7810.

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