Guardian series 32-channel D/A boards

United Electronic Industries’ (UEI) (Walpole, MA) latest data acquisition boards have been introduced to the Adept Scientific (Letchworth, Herts) product range. The DNA-AO-333 and DNR-AO-333 are high density, high-precision, 32-channel analogue voltage output board compatible with UEI’s popular ‘Cube’ and RACKtangle I/O chassis.

The boards offer full 16-bit resolution and guarantee monotonicity over the entire operating temperature range. Utilising an innovative per-channel digital offset and gain calibration, initial gain and offset errors are limited to ±450 μV and ±305 μV respectively. Each DNA/DNR-AO-333 channel provides an output range of ±10 V and is capable of driving ±10 mA. For applications requiring higher output current, please refer to the DNA/DNR-AO-308-350 layer.

The Guardian series built-in diagnostics provides on-board A/D converters allowing each analogue output voltage to be monitored and confirmed. This powerful and yet simple tool sets the DNx-AO-333 apart from most D/A boards.

All 32 channels may be configured to update simultaneously or they may be updated one at a time as data is written. A 1024 sample FIFO allows each D/A to be updated at 10 kHz without data loss. Double buffering the outputs combined with the use of low glitch D/As make the DNx-AO-333 an ideal solution for generating low frequency waveforms or providing highly accurate switched stimulus. The board also offers a digital input bit which may be used as a trigger or as a general purpose input. A digital output bit is also provided.

Software included with the DNx-AO-333 provides a comprehensive yet easy to use API that supports all popular Windows programming languages as well as supporting programmers using Linux and most real-time operating systems including QNX, RTX, RT Linux, VXworks and more.

Finally, the UEIDAQ Framework supplies complete support for those creating applications in data acquisition software packages such as LabVIEW, MATLAB/Simulink, DASYLab or any application which supports ActiveX or OPC servers.
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