Apple Picks MathType for iBooks Author

Adept Scientific (Letchworth, Herts) is pleased to announce that MathType from Design Science (Long Beach California) has been chosen by Apple as the equation editor for its new Mac iBooks Author application. Authors are now able to create ebooks that include mathematical notation which can be read on iPad tablets.

“Obviously ebooks are the future for education and the future is now. We’re happy to have the opportunity to work with Apple and that iBooks Author handles mathematics so well,” said Paul Topping, Design Science’s President and CEO.

Within iBooks Author, an Insert MathType Equation command appears on the Insert menu if MathType is installed. Choosing this command inserts an equation into the document at the insertion point. This is similar to how MathType works with Apple’s iWork ’09 office suite. In order to make the maths accessible to users with vision impairments, users can associate text to be spoken for each equation using Apple’s VoiceOver screen reader software.

MathType is used by millions of educators, scientists, engineers and publishing professionals to include textbook-quality mathematical notation in all types of printed documents, presentations, on the web and now ebooks.

About Design Science

Founded in 1986 and headquartered inLong Beach,California, Design Science develops software used by educators, scientists and publishing professionals, including MathType, Equation Editor in Microsoft Office, MathFlow and MathPlayer, to communicate on the web and in print.

MathType 6.7 is supplied and supported in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austriaand the Nordic countries by Adept Scientific.  Products including MathType 6.7 can be ordered online at


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