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Why Choose MathType 6.9?

  • Make use of hundreds of templates and thousands of Maths symbols

  • Copy equations from and author to Wikipedia

  • Add favourite expressions to your toolbar and customise keyboard shortcuts to suit you

  • Work with applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, QuarkXpress, InDesign plus HTML pages and many more

Why Choose Adept Scientific for Your MathType Needs?

  • Expert Advice: Internationally acclaimed customer service

  • Free Resources: Manuals, demos, updates & patches

  • Ongoing Support: And easy to contact - our phones are answered by real human beings

"I love Mathtype. So much in fact, I just got my company to buy 200 licenced copies for everyone. They are blessing me now. I am a huge fan. Keep up making the best equation editor in the world!"
Edward Barile, Principal Engineer, Raytheon, USA

"MathType is extremely easy and flexible, giving the possibility of complete adjustment to your needs. At the same time, its low price is one more pole of attraction to it."
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