Will Maple 8 run in Mac OS X
Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Mathematics and Simulation > Maple
Version: 8
Article Ref.: 11382

Maplesoft is committed to the Macintosh platform and is continuing to develop new products for their Macintosh user base. A full port of the Maple system to OS X is progressing steadily, and is expected to be available well before the start of the next academic year. A command-line version of Maple 8 that runs natively under OS X is already complete, and is available to members of the Extended Maintenance Plan (EMP) via the MaplePrimes site. This version uses a text-based, command-line interface to access the full Maple library, programming language and help page (displayed in ASCII format), and is intended to give Macintosh users access to the mathematical engine of Maple while development of a fully functional new Graphical User Interface for Mac OS X continues.

(For users of Maple 7, although Maple 7 does run in OS X Classic it is not officially supported on that platform. If you are a registered user of Maple 7, you can download Maple 7.01 for Macintosh, which addresses known issues with Maple 7 and OS X Classic).

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