Why is the 'Save As' option greyed out in the File menu in Reference Manager 10 and 11?
Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
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Why is the 'Save As' option greyed out in the "File" menu in Reference Manager 10 and 11?

Reference Manager 10 and 11 databases can be copied to any location, however this is only possible using Windows Explorer. The 'Save As' option in the File menu is only enabled when you are in the Output Style Editor and is provided so that you can save the modified output style with a new name and leave the original output style file intact.

If you wish to save a copy of your database (to create a backup or copy the database to another location e.g. a network) then the following information should be useful:

A. Identify the location of the database you are using. If you have the database open in Reference Manager you can click on File, Properties. In the Summary Information you should be able to see the path where the database is stored e.g. S:\Network Location\Database\DatabaseName

B. Close Reference Manager and launch Windows Explorer. You should now be able to navigate to the location where the database is stored.

C. In this location will be two files of the same name. For example, if you have a database called "Adept" then the two files will be "Adept.RMD" and "Adept.RMX". Reference Manager databases consist of two files, one is for the actual data and the other is the reference index. To copy databases you must ensure that you always get both the files.

D. Highlight the files which are named after the database you wish to copy and click on Edit, Copy.

E. You can now navigate to another location and paste the two files using the Edit, Paste option within Windows Explorer.

If you wish to rename a Reference Manager database then you should also use Windows Explorer. Simply navigate to the location of your database and rename BOTH the .RMD and .RMX files to have exactly the same name e.g. Adept-New.RMD and Adept-New.RMX.

** Please note that both files must have exactly the same name e.g. capital and lowercase characters should be the same for both the .RMD and .RMX files.

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