Creating unique file names in DasyLAB

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
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DasyLAB B90A How to create a new file name each time the worksheet is run. You can create a totally unique file name by using system variables in the file name. To do this you will need to change the file name type from Fixed to Combi. Then use a combination of normal characters and system variables to make the file name such as: C:\DATA\TEST${ACTUAL_DAY}-${ACTUAL_HOUR}-${ACTUAL_MINUTE}.CSV (You can also use ACTUAL_MONTH, ACTUAL_YEAR, ACTUAL_SECOND.) As well as system variables, you may also use user-edited (and defined) global variables. These can be configured to automatically increment each time the program is run if necessary. NB: If you tick "Append to existing file" in the Write Data options, you won't ever overwrite any data. DasyLAB All en

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