File "anmrd21.jlw" is noted as being infected with virus cvme.1053.

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
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ChemDraw A90A Virus alert shown for a ChemDraw file. Network Associates (McAfee) has confirmed that ChemDraw does not contain a virus. The following is their response to this issue: "Our Senior Virus Research Engineers have examined the file in question and no virus was found. This means that we've found a false identification of our VS 4.x product, which could not be found during extensive testing of clean files in our QA department prior to our DAT-file posting." Attached is the file with corrected detection. This should be used with any of the Network Associates Scanners (Virus Scan 4). The file should be copied into the directory where the ON-Demand/On Access scanner resides. Using the find/search utility on your computer search for the one of the following scanners: Windows : SCAN.EXE DOS : SCANPM Then copy the Extra.dat we have sent to the same folder where one of the above is located. NOTE Do not use this driver with any of the Virus Scan 3 Scanners from McAfee, they are not compatible. Once you have copied the file, reboot the system for the driver to be loaded by Winguard/NTGuard Use the following link to reach online technical support for NAI products: Product Information ChemDraw All All en Error

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