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Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
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Version: 6
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ChemOffice 68F6 New releases of Chem3D & ChemFinder team up with ChemDraw 6.0 to create the best ChemOffice yet. Below is brief description of the highlights. * The personal edition E-Lab Notebook, designed to help organic chemists keep track of lab work in a fully searchable electronic environment. The principal functions of the notebook are to store collections of organic reactions, to perform related stoichiometric calculations, and to track other related data such as laboratory procedures. Features include in place editing for ChemDraw reaction drawings with the ChemDrawActive-X control, automatic Stoichiometry and full integration with Microsoft Office. * New ChemDraw Ultra menu items for calculating the Water/Octanol partition coefficient (CLogP) and Molar Refractivity (CMR). * New Chem3D features including as visualization of Connolly Surfaces, MOPAC 2000, enhanced Gaussian interface and an interface to GAMESS, a widely available ab-initio quantum chemistry program. * ChemSAR - A new add-in that works with ChemFinder for Excel. ChemSAR adds access to Chem3D's chemical property predictors and the ability to generate Rune Plots, descriptive statistics, and a correlation matrix from within Excel. * ChemFinder for Word, a program for locating and managing chemical information stored in diverse data sources, whether on local media or a global network. Locate structures in ChemFinder databases, collections of structure files (ChemDraw cdx, chm; SD Files; MS Word documents containing embedded ChemDraw Structures; Excel Spreadsheets; and more) ChemOffice Ultra 2001 will include: *ChemDraw Ultra 6.0 (with new ClogP menu item) *Chem3D Ultra 6.0 (including MOPAC 2000, interfaces to Gaussian and GAMESS, and ChemSAR for structure-activity calculations) *ChemFinder Ultra 6.0 (including ChemFinder for Excel and ChemFinder for Word) *ChemInfo Pro 6.0 (including expanded ChemACX, ChemACX-SC screening compound suppliers, ChemINDEX, ChemRXN and ChemMSDX) *E-Lab Notebook personal edition *CombiChem for Excel ChemOffice Pro 2001 will include: *ChemDraw Ultra 6.0 (and the new ClogP menu item) *Chem3D Pro 6.0 (including Connolly surfaces computation and display and Conformer conformational analysis) *ChemFinder Pro 6.0 (including ChemFinder for Excel and ChemFinder for Word) (?) * ChemINDEX and ChemRXN databases * Latest Versions of our ChemDraw and Chem3D Plugins for exploring chemistry on the web **Important Note** The new features in ChemOffice 2001 described above are only available for the Windows platform. The new ChemOffice 2001 boxes will contain the installation CDs for ChemOffice 2001 (Win) and for ChemOffice 2000 (Mac). ChemOffice Ultra 2000 for the Mac includes ChemDraw Ultra 6.0, Chem3D Ultra 6.0, and ChemFinder for Mac version 3.1 (no ChemInfo CDs are included for the Mac, these are only available on for the Windows platform). ChemOffice 6 en Neil Chapman/Users/AdeptScientific

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