I received the error "You do not have logon permissions to run this product" when I tried to run GRAMS. What's wrong?

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Laboratory Applications > Grams 32
Version: 5
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Grams 32 6432 The software has been designed to only allow the owner (or "Administrator") of the software to use the product unless a license has been purchased and configured for multiple users. The person who is logged on to the computer when the software was installed automatically becomes the Administrator of the software. You are receiving this message because whoever was logged on to the computer at the time the software was installed is not the same as the user that is currently logged on to this computer. If you are unsure of who installed the software, you can check this in the following way. Go into your GALACTIC home folder where the software was installed. If the software has been run at least once after it was installed, a LOG folder is created. If this folder exists, there will be a file GALACTIC.LOG in that folder. Open that file with any text editor (WordPad is fine) and look at the name that appears in the third column. This is the login of the Administrator of the software and the login that must be used to run the software. The Administrator cannot be changed on a single user copy of GRAMS. In GRAMS/32 v5.01 through GRAMS/32 v5.05, if you have installed the software but have never run it (and have therefore not created a LOG file) and you do not know who was logged on when the software is installed, you will need to either find out who installed it, or uninstall and reinstall the software under your own login. NOTE: In GRAMS/32 v5.10 or higher, there has been a change to the Galactic Configuration Manager. When you install the GRAMS software, it will look to see who is logged onto the system at the time of the installation. The person who is logged onto the software when the software is installed becomes the software administrator. This is the same as in the earlier versions of GRAMS. The difference in GRAMS/32 v5.10 or higher is that there is an option that can be set in the Galactic Configuration Manager to allow other users to login to the software even if the software is a single user license. Under the User / Maintenance menu, there is a selection for Anonymous Logins. By checking the box that says "allow Anonymous Logins" users can use their own login accounts to access the software. The option that says "Share the profile of" defaults to whomever installed the software because this is the only profile that can be created. Once the "allow Anonymous Logins" is selected, users can login with their own user name to access the software. Remember that only one person at a time will be allowed access to GRAMS because of the single user license. If you have a site license, you can configure the software for multiple users with the Galactic Configuration Manager located in the GALACTIC home folder. In GRAMS/32 v5.01 through GRAMS/32 v5.05: The Galactic Configuration Manager is called GRAMSCFG.EXE. The Galactic Configuration Manager can only be run by a user who has administrative privileges for the GRAMS software. To run the Configuration Manger, double click on GRAMSCFG.EXE and choose Setup / Edit Configuration. In GRAMS/32 v5.10 and higher: The Galactic Configuration Manager is called GALACFG.EXE. The Galactic Configuration Manager can only be run by a user who has administrative privileges for the GRAMS software. In GRAMS/32 v5.10 and higher, to run the Configuration Manager, double click GALACFG.EXE and choose Users / Maintenance. Click on the Help button to access the on-line help for setting up new users. Grams32 5 en

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