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Last Modified: 9th Sep 2014
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ChemOffice 605A What are the options for installing Cambridgesoft software on the network (fixed & floating licences)? You can: Install the full copy of the software onto each PC "Push the full installation out to each workstation using WinInstall etc. Do a Client/Server install. (See instructions below) How about installing the software on a Mac? Here there is only one installer for Macs ie no server/client installer like there is on the PC side. On the Mac, you can install the full version of ChemDraw Pro to a Mac server. Then,they need only make an alias of the ChemDraw Pro application on the server and distribute the alias to the Mac workstations. The Mac workstations will also need a copy of the "ChemDraw Folder" in their System\Preferences folder. The "ChemDraw Folder" contains templates, and preferences, etc.). What do you get if you purchase a site licence? Cambridgesoft's site licenses currently include regular CD-ROMs (i.e single license CD-ROMs). The ONLY differences are in serial number and installation instructions. Client disks are currently only available for ChemDraw Pro & ChemDraw Std on demand. Client/Server Install Without the Appropriate Disks 1. Full install to each workstation. 2. Copy only the ChemDraw application to the server. (Each workstation needs to have the other files, like the preferences etc. Otherwise, with the prefs on the server, each user accessing them will end up overwriting each other's prefs. This will cause much confusion.) If you have ChemDraw Ultra you will also need to have Anmrd21.jlw and ANMtool.exe at the same level as the chemdraw.exe. 3. Delete chemdraw.exe from each workstation. 4. Point windows shortcuts to the server copy of chemdraw.exe This way you can control the total number of users. How can avoid re-entering the registration information each time I install the software onto another Workstation? Make a copy of the installer (setup.exe) & then open the appropriate "*.ini" file (If you are installing ChemDraw then this will be chemdraw.ini, ChemFinder, it will be called cfw.ini & for Chem3D, it will be called chem3d.ini. You will find this file in the Windows folder on your hard drive.) in a text editor such as Notepad. In the [Registration] section, enter the user, company, serial number & registration code. Save the changes. Now when you run the installer, you will not be required to register each time you install. NB: The setup.ini can be found in the same directory as setup.exe. ChemOffice - en

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