When I click on the Compound Search button on the start up screen for the Merck Index, the cd-rom folder opens instead of the Merck Index.

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Laboratory Applications > ChemOffice
Version: 2002
Article Ref.: 47E6
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ChemOffice 47E6 Open the Compound Monographs folder on the Merck Index CD-ROM. Right click on The Merck Index.cfw (icon looks like a sheet of paper with a light blue benzene ring on it) and choose Send To -> Desktop. This will create a shortcut to the Merck Index database on your desktop. Now you only need to double click on the Merck Index shortcut you just created to do a Compound Search. ChemOffice 2002 en Neil Chapman/Users/AdeptScientific

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