When I try to install ChemDraw, I get a 1631 error.

Last Modified: 25th Jan 2013
Category: Laboratory Applications > ChemDraw
Platform: All
Version: 6
Article Ref.: 3D46
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ChemDraw 3D46 In version 6.0 we moved to the Microsoft Windows 2000 install technology. According to Microsoft, the explanation for a 1631 error is that the Windows Installer service failed to start. There are two parts to the ChemDraw installation now. The first part installs the Windows 2000 installer pieces (it is irrelevant if you are using Windows 9x or NT- these pieces need to be installed to then install our software). The second part installs our software. This is all done by launching our setup application. It is possible to run the two parts of the install separately. Open the Install folder on the ChemDraw cd-rom. Double click on the instmsiw.exe (Windows NT) or instmsia.exe (Windows 9x). (Windows 2000 users have these pieces built in, so this step should not be necessary). Once this installs (a restart may be necessary), double click on the CS ChemDraw Ultra 6.0.Msi file (note: substitute Ultra for Pro or Std accordingly). This should install our software. If this does not solve the problem, try copying the Install folder over to the hard drive, and then run the setup program from the hard drive. If you are still having a problem, we will need you to generate a log file to figure out what is going on. To generate a log file: Go to the Start Menu and choose Run, and then type the following: msiexec /i "D:\INSTALL\CS ChemDraw Ultra 6.0.Msi" /l*v log.log where "D" is the letter of your cd-rom drive containing the ChemDraw Ultra cd-rom. The click OK to generate the log file. The installation log file that gets generated is called log.log. Use the Windows Find File utility to find it, and then send it to chem@adeptscience.co.uk Installation ChemDraw All 6 en Error

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