There is a delay when I copy & paste a structure or drag & drop it.

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Laboratory Applications > ChemDraw
Platform: All
Version: 6
Article Ref.: 1F92
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ChemDraw 1F92 Slow copy and paste. When I copy and paste a structure or when I drag and drop a structure within ChemDraw, I notice a significant delay. In other words, copying and pasting or dragging and dropping is slow. The developers are aware of three potential reasons why this problem might occur. 1. Virus protection software is one possible cause of the problem. The solution is to uninstall and reinstall your virus protection. 2. Another possibility is that the printer driver is causing the problem, in particular the HP PCL 6 driver. ChemDraw must poll the printer driver to obtain certain information about the page settings. It does this polling after certain functions. Check to see if the manufacturer of your printer has an updated printer driver available or try switching to a different printer driver, like the PostScript version of the driver or even a generic one that comes with Windows. 3. The third possibility is the video driver. Try switching the color palette to 16 bit in the Display control panel Settings. Unexpected behaviour ChemDraw All 6 en Y Error

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