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As you might have learned Adept Scientific was placed under administration recently.

Alfasoft AB has acquired several assets of Adept Scientific Limited with the intention to continue providing services on the best scientific software tools available. Please allow us a few days to reconfigure this web store for you. For inquires about Mathcad please send an email to

Alfasoft AB has provided high end scientific software in the Nordic countries since 1989 and we would be honored to give the same service to you.

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Roberth Hoff-Olsen
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Adept Scientific's extensive library of demos, users' manuals, data sheets, tutorials and other resources are free to use. Simply login or register, and download or request your resource.

Add-ons/Plug-ins - Current Version


BibTeX Export with Key

Datascan 7000 driver for DASYLab

Datascan 7000 driver for DASYLab 9.x and 10.x

Microsoft Word Templates for EndNote

EndNote Templates are for use with EndNote 6 and higher with Microsoft Word.

Mathcad Electronic Books - Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad

Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad is an Electronic Book specially written for use with the text Introduction to Electromagnetic Fields 3/e, 1998. Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad contains over 70 separate worksheets and is roughly 500 pages in length. For Mathcad 8 or higher. This book will not run on 64-bit systems

EndNote Import Filters

Import filters are the files used by EndNote to decipher information that has been downloaded from an online or CD-ROM database

EndNote Connection Files

Connection files contain all the information necessary for EndNote to open, search, and import references from a remote database.

EndNote Output Styles

The EndNote Styles Collection contains hundreds of bibliographic styles for a variety of disciplines and publishers.

Output Styles

Output Styles for Reference Manager 9.x and above.

Export Plug-in

(formerly called the RIS Export Plug-in) to transfer data from selected web pages to Reference Manager

Import Filters

Import Filters for Database Services Supported by Reference Manager.