Mathcad Makeover

The start of the year was marked by a major, much-anticipated release of the engineer’s staple calculation tool, Mathcad.

New Mathcad Prime 1.0 has had a serious facelift, but the changes aren’t just cosmetic. PTC have completely rebuilt the software using the very latest technology. The result is a more intuitive task-based interface and document-centric calculation environment, enabling users to create detailed, professional engineering design documents quickly and easily. This latest release also sets down a better architecture and stronger foundations on which to grow the software to suit the needs of tomorrow’s engineers.

Other key feature highlights include 600 functions to display, manipulate, analyse and plot data, improved units support for improved accuracy, backwards compatibility and a new equation editor that lets you solve problems simply in standard maths notation. Visit our Mathcad Prime 1.0 web pages to find out more or [download a free trial] now.

PTC gives Adept Scientific their Mathcad supplier seal of quality

Adept Scientific has just won a Mathcad Global Award 2010, acknowledging its status as the top Mathcad reseller worldwide. The prestigious ceremony took place on 14th October in Las Vegas and was attended by around 500 professionals representing resellers across the globe. Jan Rodahl, Mathcad Sales Manager for Adept Nordic went up on stage to receive a medal and plaque which were presented by some of PTC’s top management.

Adept Scientific is one of Mathcad’s longest-standing resellers, supplying and supporting this engineering calculation standard since 1985. It just goes to prove that there’s no substitute for experience and our years of working with all kinds of engineers have equipped us with the tools and the know-how to provide Mathcad users with a first-rate supplier service.

This award provides the perfect mark of quality for engineers sourcing a proven Mathcad reseller.

Insight into Mathcad straight from the horse’s mouth

Looking for insider information about where Mathcad is at and where it’s heading in the future? Why not watch this short interview with the General Manager for the Mathcad Business Unit, Jake Simpson? This 6-minute quick-fire question and answer session covers various topics including, the kinds of people using Mathcad, software positioning, PTC plans for the software’s future, emerging challenges in engineering calculations and maths, and much more.

Click here to visit the Mathcad Blog and watch the video now

How Beckham Bent It

As England football fans wait nervously for the result of Wednesday’s match against Slovenia, let’s cast our minds back to 6th October 2001. In the last minute of stoppage time in a match against Greece, with an automatic qualifying place for the 2002 World Cup at stake, England were 2-1 down on aggregate. Then England were awarded a free kick – and a chap called Beckham delivered a stunning right-footed strike from some 7 metres outside the Greek penalty area, booking his country’s ticket to Japan and Korea.

Genius certainly – but physics was at work too. In issue 25 of our Technical Computing Magazine, we published a report of a fascinating piece of research by Ken Bray and David Kerwin at the University of Bath, who used Mathcad to help them develop a highly accurate mathematical model of the trajectory of a swerving football.

You might like to have another look at the article, which you’ll find in our archives here.  And if you’re a Mathcad user yourself (if not, why not download a free, fully functional 30 day evaluation copy) maybe you’d like to consider how the characteristics of the much-derided Jabulani ball can can be modelled?
That’s a pretty tough challenge – so we’ll quite understand if you harness Mathcad’s enormous potential to solve your own problems!

Knovel Maths comes to Adept, offering interactive engineering content for Mathcad

We have a new addition to our product range! Knovel Math is a subscription-based tool that provides instant access to current, web-based editions of renowned engineering reference books like Roark’s and Hicks, which contain fully documented Mathcad worksheets with live ready-to-use exportable equations to save users time solving complex problems. With Knovel’s powerful search capabilities, users are able to hunt through an up-to-the-minute library of technical documents and reference titles, and find exactly the formulae they need with fewer mouse clicks, then download and customise them for use in their own work.

In April, Knovel Math was selected by Design News as a Best Product Finalist for the 2010 Golden Mousetrap Awards which recognise new and innovative products for design engineers. Want to know more? Watch the Knovel Math video or visit our web pages for the latest information. And if you’re thinking about subscribing, you’ll need Mathcad 14 (build M030 or later) installed to access Knovel Math. Got an active Mathcad maintenance contract? Then you’re eligible for significant discounts when purchasing Knovel Math.

See the future of Mathcad at the Mathcad Engage Virtual Conference

I and several hundred other interested Mathcad users attended the Mathcad Engage Virtual Conference  on March 16th and it was a very interesting experience.    As well as conference presentations describing what will be in the upcoming new versions of Mathcad, Mathcad 15 and Mathcad Prime, there was also a virtual exhibition hall with exhibitors showing some new add-ons for Mathcad.  Knovel were showing their Knovel Mathcad integration, Bodie Technologies were showing off their Kornucopia software which adds to Mathcads data handling and analysis capabilities.  Allen Razdow the “father” of mathcad was demonstrating Truenumbers which allows Mathcad users to store and demonstrate the veracity of the engineering numbers they are using.

The Exhibition Hall – Mathcad Engage Virtual Conference

Best of all because the event was virtual a lot of what was done on the day was recorded so you can go and browse the conference yourself and see what was presented and download more information.

Also on the following dates the Mathcad Engage Virtual Conference will be manned by PTC staff and other exhibitors so you can ask them any questions that you might have.

  • Thursday, April 15th 2010 – start 9am-11am EST (2pm to 4pm British Summer Time)
  • Tuesday, May 11th 2010 – start 8pm-10pm EST (1pm to 3pm British Summer Time)
  • Thursday, June 3rd 2010 – start 12pm-2pm EST (5pm t0 7pm British Summer Time)

On demand access to the Mathcad Engage Virtual Conference will remain live until June 16th 2010

The whole virtual conference event was hosted by Unisfair who on their website describe themselves as “The Leader in Virtual Event Solutions for Engaging with Customers”.  It is a bit gimmicky, I quite liked the birds flying past the windows, but it is engaging and there is a lot of useful information there so if you get chance click on the  Mathcad Engage Virtual Conference  link and take a look for yourself.

Knovel Knowledge

We will shortly be launching a new product for Adept, the Knovel online library of data.  Knovel is an online technical resource used by applied scientists and practicing engineers around the world to quickly locate relevant and reliable technical information.  For the last couple of days we have been hosting a partner meeting for Knovel attended by several people from the Adept UK office as well people from all over Europe and as far away as India.  We will be putting up background information on Knovel on our website in the next few days but if you’d like to read more now you can go to their US site  We think it’s a very useful data resource for people using Mathcad or Maple and also our bibliographic tools like EndNote and Reference Manager.

For the time being we are unable to offer the following product ranges although we are currently working hard to increase the number of products we can offer in the future. Please contact us to talk about alternative products that we may be able to offer you.