Welcome back Multisim!

Back in 1997, we started selling a superb electronics circuit design and simulation software package called Electronics Workbench. Later renamed Multisim, this affordable product delivered advanced schematic capture and SPICE simulation tools along with a library of ready-made components, bringing professional PCB design capabilities within the reach of smaller companies and academic institutions.

Some years later the company decided to sell and support the product directly in Europe. Later still, it was acquired by our good friends at National Instruments – and now they’ve asked us to market the latest version of Multisim once again!

We’re delighted to bring Multisim back into our product portfolio, and even more delighted to see how an already excellent piece of software has developed and improved so substantially over the years. It’s hard to imagine a better implementation of the industry-standard SPICE simulation environment than the brand-new Multisim 13.

With a choice of configurations to suit every need and budget, Multisim provides the tools that ensure optimum performance of your circuits, minimising errors and reducing time to prototype. Easy and intuitive to use, it delivers significant cost savings to PCB manufacturers large and small – and is also ideal for organisations that only need to design the occasional board.

You can find out all about Multisim, including all that’s new in the new version 13, here. It’s available from Adept Scientific in the UK and Ireland, France and all the Nordic countries, backed as always by our renowned customer service and technical support.