Using Tablets for DAQ – Android Temperature Chart using USB-2001-TC

Download the Tablets for DAQ White Paper

As tablets gain popularity and take away market share from conventional laptops and desktops, Measurement Computing is at the forefront of targeting these new devices with their USB DAQ.

The USB-2001-TC Android™ Temperature Chart application demonstrates one of the features of Measurement Computing’s DAQFlex devices. DAQFlex devices interface with an open source library and a simple, standardised USB communication protocol. This allows developers to design a system on virtually any operating system using any hardware platform that supports USB host mode. Download this whitepaper to discover more about message-based programming with DAQFlex.

The USB-2001-TC on Android Honeycomb (3.1) or above was targeted specifically for this demo, as it was designed with a special purpose in mind. It utilises Android’s native Java USB API directly, focusing on a single platform.

C# Developers can design cross-platform applications for Windows®, Linux®, and Mac®, using the DAQFlex API for .NET along with the Mono project. For Android, Java is the standard programming language. Due to the open source nature of the DAQFlex API, it can be easily ported to other languages and operating systems as this example does.

The application installer (APK) is available for download at  To use the demo, copy the APK to your Android Honeycomb device’s internal or external storage. Make sure that non-market applications are enabled. Then, open the APK file to install the application. Once the application is installed, either run the application manually or plug in the USB-2001-TC and the Android device will ask you to open the application automatically. Once the application is running, be sure to give it permission to access the USB device.

Contact us to find out more about Measurement Computing’s USB DAQ products supported under the DAQFlex software framework.

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