Waving at Waterloo

A younger Paul Goossens in 2000 after moving to WaterlooAdept has been working with Maplesoft (they used to be called Waterloo Maple) for many years and they are a great company to partner with. Maplesoft are based in Waterloo, Ontario which is a couple of hours drive west of Toronto. A lot of the fun of working with Maplesoft happens because we regularly meet with many of their team and because some of their team used to be part of our team. Those with long memories may remember Paul Goossens who was Adepts engineer/mathematician in residence for several years in the eighties. He took his family off to Canada and joined Maplesoft as our first export and, with a brief detour to be VP of Marketing at Opal/RT, he has been there ever since. He is now Product Director at Maplesoft in charge of an exciting new Maplesoft product which will be revealed later on in 2008.

A few years later Paul was followed across the pond by Mohamed Bendame who went to Maplesoft via a stint with Mathsoft before they were bought by PTC. For those who don’t know him Mohamed is an amazing guy, when he first came to the UK he didn’t speak English. He spoke other languages fluently, just not English. With typical quiet determination he got a job, learnt English and embarked on a second degree in Electronics (he already had a degree in Maths!). When he finished his second degree he came to work for Adept and was, among other things, instrumental in developing many of our training courses. Mohamed Bendame

The story does not end there though, our latest export to Canada is Samir Khan who has been Adepts maths guru for the last six years. Samir joined us after finishing his PhD and has been great person to have on our team, we will miss him and his very quirky sense of humour. We missed Paul and Mohamed of course but we do get to meet up with them regularly and catch up with their growing families. Samir will be moving to Canada in June 2008 to work alongside Mohamed supporting, advising and encouraging the worldwide Maple user community (including Adept of course). Just in case you are worried we’ve already hired new people to take over from Samir and you never know maybe we are training them for a trip to Canada too.

What do our Customers say about us?

“While skeptical at first, now having switched to Origin I know it will remain my graphing software of choice. Not only does it have an intuitive user interface, but it also has the power to quickly and efficiently complete all of my graphing needs. Origin is the best graphing software available. Period.”

Mr. Kevin Clark, University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign

Easy to book a place on the course, helpful staff at Adept. Very good introduction to the Endnote software, covered a wide range of topics. Knowledgeable on the Endnote program. Very helpful in answering any questions. Pace of learning was fine. Very good facilities.

Ms N Calver, Manchester, UK

Amazing, wish I had learned about Endnote 5 years ago

Tutor was very knowledgeable and taught in a way that was easy to follow

KH, Uxbridge, UK

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