The Great Easter Egg Hunt

Spring has sprung at Adept Scientific, and all the good weather went to our head, so we held a seasonally appropriate competition, which we shared with our general Adept newsletter subscribers.

In the email, we told readers that there was an egg hidden somewhere in the product pages of the Adept Scientific website (, and that we would give a high-quality chocolate Easter egg to the first 10 people who emailed us back with the details of its location.

Only two of you were perceptive enough to see it down at the bottom of the EndNote x4 page, so we were forced to share the remaining 8 eggs amongst ourselves. (It was terrible!)

Thank you to those who participated, and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming newsletter competitions. You never know when the holiday spirit may strike again!

What do our Customers say about us?

It was about as perfect as a teaching seminar could be. Moved at the correct pace and encompasses a good amount of information

Excellent service received with queries I had when I had the trial EndNote. This was a factor which prompted me to go on to buy the product. An excellent service was received in response to a problem after the purchase of endnote.

JB, Manchester, UK

“I am very satisfied with Origin. I think Origin is an excellent plotting tool. Its capabilities are vast, diverse, and beyond my needs. I appreciate the fact that almost anything on a plot can be adjusted according to a desired preference.”

Matthew D. Sena - Sandia National Laboratories

I found the training to be hugely beneficial. The delivery was clear, concise, energetic and good humoured. Definitely a good skill based introduction to EndNote, while the notes given on the day will provide a most useful refresher of what was covered.

LS, Tullamore, Ireland

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